by Fauno

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We recorded this demo in our bedroom. We hope you like our songs. We made them just for you.


released October 19, 2012

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Matthew Bernstein
Co-Produced by Robert Jonas

Robert Jonas - Lead Vocal, Baritone Ukulele, Guitars
Matthew Bernstein - Bass, Vocals
David Levy - Lead Guitars
Haley Greenstein - Glockenspiel, Saxophone, Vocals
Kate Reid - Organa, Vocals
Britton Upchurch - Drums, Vocals



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Fauno Brooklyn, New York

Fauno is friends making music, and then playing it for you.

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Track Name: Rooftops (Demonstration)

my lungs still breathe the air
but i can taste your skin with every inhale
and i cant get rid of the smell of your hair
on my pillowcases

i want to shout it from the rooftops darling
i dont think that we can be just friends
you see the problem is the way we started
maybe this is just the way it ends

when i am alone at night
and the sound of the streetlight's hum
and the guns, has me wondering why
and the days crawl by like a wildfire
call the red trucks, suit 'em up, sirens on

i want to shout it from the rooftops darling
i dont think that we can be just friends
you see the problem is the way we parted
i can't let that be the way it ends
Track Name: Ah (Demonstration)
im not seeing right
it looks to me like the daytime is the night
and ive been feeling like, the earth is tilting
and trying to spill me off of its side

and if it succeeds the rivers will run dry
and its back will be turned and the sun will not shine
and the ground we walk on will become the sky

can you tell me why
i cant sleep 'til ive seen the morning light
and every time i try, to close my eyelids
i hear the sound fo your voice and its crying

Track Name: Love Hum Low (Demonstration)
all the ordinary homes
line the airy country roads
a sea of blue and coin of gold
hang above the mountain snow
you can hear the children's bicycles
with the baseball cards stuck in the spokes
and if you listen close
you can hear the love, hum low
Track Name: Alōnist (Demonstration)
oh star in the night
you don't put up no fight
you just sit in your darkness and glow
as i sit on the ground
and the world spins around
you still follow wherever i go
oh star, oh star
won't you come down to the ground
i think you like nice where you are
but won't you come down to me
'cus i'm as alone as i've ever been

oh flower on the ground
you don't make any sound
you just sit there all pretty and meek
as i sit on my own
with my confidence blown
i'd give anything if you'd speak
oh flower, oh flower
just open up to me
i do not need more than an hour
then i can let you be free
'cus i'm as alone as i'll ever be

oh fire next to me
how great it would be
to burn with your hunger and might
and if i were you
the first thing i would do
is burn up my weakness and fright
oh fire, oh fire
won't you temper me
that is my deepest desire
to be strong and love what i be
oh fire, oh fire
won't you temper me
'cus i'm as alone as i'll ever be